Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Who's Conscious of the Border, a King I Guess"

Anzaldua in her “Preface,” does a terrific job illustrating a language without borders; most interestingly her concept of “cross-pollinating,” the use of multiple Spanish dialects and English combine for a rich writing style.
She achieves greater heights in “Towards a New Consciousness,” most notably the idea of a tolerance for ambiguity; this concept allows for an inclusive, whole, and flexible perspective.
Gish Jen accomplishes a moving homeland in the sense of identity, from a Chinese perspective we witness the staying power of the Irish; Jen ends the story with an idea of honorary members and permanent residences outside of our hereditary homelands.
Thomas King subtly depicts driving away from borders and their property to disappear, maybe offering an insight to the overall approach to the negative differences that are defined by ‘geographic’ borders by turning them into something positive.

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