Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Becoming Your Own Master

The most important observation I made in the second half of Jasmine is that even though Jasmine is given all of these different identities from the men in her lifetimes, she still maintains her sense of self.  You would think that such an existence would leave one quite broken and lost, but she seems to be her own source of healing and strength.  She moves through her lifetimes and gradually becomes her own master.  

I have been introduced to an entire world of literature that I had previously given zero thought to and was convinced I would not enjoy.  I’m not quite sure why I felt this way, but I have never been so wrong.  I was surprised by how beautifully all of the texts seemed to fit together, and how each offered its own unique version of home that many times I never saw coming.  Before this class I was so wrapped up in my own idea of home, with all of my biases and ideas forming what and how I felt a home should be.   I also loved to see how the characters in each story created their homes from the complexities and intricacies of their individual human lives.  Discovering others’ homelands is such an interesting (and new) way to learn and I find myself considering homelands for many other characters that I meet.

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